"Whatever Works" Mostly Works: 2007-2009

Woody Allen wrote the dark comedy Whatever Works in the early 1970s with Zero Mostel intended as the lead character. When Mostel passed away in 1977 the script was buried.

Around 2007, Allen decided to resurrect the script and pitched the idea to Larry David.

Given Larry's admiration for Allen, he decided to take on the role despite his lack of success in the film industry. Perhaps things would be different now that Larry was a well-known entertainer from Curb. Whatever Works

Larry was worried about memorizing tons of dialogue because all of his recent work was improvised, and added he's too lazy to memorize lines.

Despite his apprehension, Whatever Works was a success, earning about $9,000,000 in theatres and double that overall.

Critics gave the film mostly positive reviews, and Larry earned kudos for his acting. It would be the first time Larry ever commercially succeeded performing someone else's writing.

For a somewhat tightly wound quasi-control freak, this was a major accomplishment.

Hopefully it will not be the last time Larry has an open mind when it comes to other people's writing. After all, he's not the only smart, funny person on the planet.

Whatever Works successfully repudiates the horror that Sour Grapes was for Larry, and recasts his filmography in a much more favorable light.

Of course, the Wheel of Fortune nary produces sustained happiness for long periods of time. Just when Larry righted his filmography his wife filed for divorce.

Speculation was rampant that she was leaving him for Al Gore, but the gossip was never substantiated.

Publically, Larry has iterated and reiterated that losing half his fortune to his ex-wife was extremely painful. He has expressed no regret whatsoever over the loss of the relationship.

He would have surely kept Laurie around even if they weren't getting along just to save the money, not to mention the tax benefits.

Moreover, Larry has joked, "the first thing I did when the divorce was finalized was turn all the lights on in the house."

These days, Larry actively dates and particularly enjoys the benefits that come with his Curb celebrity.

Hopefully, he's making up for lost time and money by scoring lots of hot, young babes.


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