High School and College: 1962-1970, A Funny Jew from Brooklyn

Larry went to Sheepshead Bay High School and graduated in 1966. He attended college at the University of Maryland from 1966 to 1970, where he studied History and Business earning B.A.s in both.

university_maryland_libraryIt was in college where he claims the stand-up comedian seed was first planted. He tended to go on horror dates and loved to make his buddies laugh when he got back to the dorms.

It was these interactions, the camaraderie and laughs that he was trying to recreate when he later performed stand-up comedy.

In fact, Larry did not consider himself to be a funny person while he was a child. It took him going away to college and making new friends for him to think and feel he was funny.

Once in a new environment, he was able to see himself from an outside and unique perspective - instead of just being another funny Jew from the neighborhood he was now the only funny Jew from Brooklyn.

He would use self deprecating humor to great effect. Whether true or not, he was able to expertly turn himself into a clownish character for his friends' amusement.

He claims he was an unbelievable loser, especially with women. But being rather bright he was able to laugh about it and share that laughter with friends.

Larry loved the comedy acts of Bob and Ray, Mel Brooks, Abbott and Costello, Phil Silvers, and Woody Allen among others, but he never tried to be anyone but himself comically.

As far as fitting in with the times, Larry says, "I was not going to wear bell-bottoms, I knew that. And my Jewfro could only go to a certain length, and after that, it was a problem. And I couldn't do hippie talk, I couldn't adapt to the lingo, I had very difficult time with the lingo. 'Man...' It just wouldn't come out of my mouth, I couldn't bring myself to use those words. I was too uptight to say 'uptight.' " He did experiment with marijuana, but never got really into it. Larry lost his virginity when he was 20 years old and while in college. Although he doesn't recount the exact experience, it's impossible to picture it going well. Larry most likely had to be drunk to mitigate his inhibitions, wear three condoms to overcome his germophobia, and share familial and DNA history to make sure his partner and he shared long term compatibility just in case there was a malfunction. Larry graduated from college in 1970 while the Vietnam War was still being waged. Not wanting to get drafted or enlist as an officer, Larry signed up for the National Guard.


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