Hell's Kitchen: Mid 1970s

During the mid-1970s as Larry performed stand-up comedy and worked odd jobs, he moved into a federally manhattan_plaza subsidized housing project called Manhattan Plaza.

Only performing artists were allowed to live in the building. They paid $72 a month while the government picked up the rest of the tab.

Without such a housing program, the world might never have known the show Seinfeld and its crazy characters because perfecting a comedic perspective takes valuable time that a full time job would likely prohibit. It was in Manhattan Plaza that Larry met and was next door neighbors with Kenny "Cosmo" Kramer.

Kramer was a community organizer in the building and was putting together a show and mixer for the residents one night. He heard from several people that Larry was very funny, even if a little different.

So Kramer recruited him for the show and it was a success. Larry and Kramer went to lunch the next day, were fast friends, and have been buddies ever since. young_larry_david_young_with_young_kenny_kramer_circa1976

In 1976 Larry met Jerry Seinfeld at Catch And the two hit it off instantly.

It's hard to picture such a magical moment without thinking of clouds parting, rainbows blossoming, and pegasi gliding.

It would be over ten years later when the two collaborated to create Seinfeld, but if destiny does exist it was in full force on that fateful evening.

Among other things, the two shared Brooklyn roots, Jewish heritage, and a love for joking about the tiny details, irritations, and riddles of life.
In 1979, Larry became impotent for two months, so seriously thought about killing himself.

Luckily, he didn't because he was about to get his first big break.  

Fridays: 1979-1982, A Lucky Break

Larry had become tight with fellow stand-up Richard Lewis through the circuit in New York. larry_david_richard_lewis_1980_playboy_mansion Among the few New York comedy clubs, To Catch A Rising Star was a more popular one and a launching pad to TV and film for comedians. Larry eventually got noticed for his offbeat, intelligent style and was pegged for a new show on ABC called Fridays.

Not aiming for any subtlety, the show was a direct knock off of Saturday Night Live, only it aired on Friday.

Larry moved to Los Angeles where the show was taped and was finally making good money for performing comedy.

The show wasn't very critically acclaimed, but it was on a major network and earned the actors lots of notoriety.

Larry tells a story in which he first moved to L.A. and decided to treat himself with a new convertible.

Fresh off the lot, he's driving down the street and feeling like hot stuff when a sexy girl notices him and his bald head and Krusty the clown hair billowing in the wind.

She laughs.

Didn't think that one all the way through, he jokes.

Larry met Michael Richards on Fridays and the two were able to form some comedic chemistry which would later serve them well.

Fridays was only on the air for two years, and ended rather abruptly after Andy Kaufman incited an on air, live stir by pretending to break character in the middle of a skit and cause a giant fight.


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