Saturday Night Live: 1984-1985

After Fridays ended, Larry moved back to New York and back into his old apartment across the hall from Kenny Kramer.

He kept performing stand-up comedy at To Catch A Rising Star, but now because of his resume was able to get small jobs writing and performing comedy.

He had small parts in two independent films in 1983 called Second Thoughts and Can She Bake a Cherry Pie?

Then in 1984 Larry got a job at Saturday Night Live as a writer and extra performer. Unfortunately, the producer who hired Larry was fired just before he started working on the show.

And the new executive producer, Dick Ebersol, thought Larry's act was tacky and humorless.

So as the weeks went by and all of Larry's ideas were summarily rejected, Larry's frustration grew.

Eventually, it exploded into the now infamous incident in which Larry goes ape sh*! just before a show is about to go live in 1985. He calls Ebersol a no good f#&@, tells him to go screw himself, and screams I quit before storming out.

Larry ended up visiting Kramer to cool down. After realizing he just threw away a good salary, he started to freak out and asked Kramer for advice.

Of course, Kramer casually suggested Larry simply show up on Monday like nothing happened and resume work.

Larry did and the rest is history. History... and a Seinfeld episode called The Revenge in which George does the exact same thing.

Art imitating life at its best, which in some ways is the most fitting description of Larry's career.

After the season wrapped, Larry moved on from SNL.


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