The Larry David Movie Project


The Seinfeld Reunion in Season 7 of Curb Your Enthusiasm gave fans something they never dreamed possible.

Ever since, Hollywood has been salivating for and tickled with rumors of a Larry David Bio Pic that might once again bring the iconic crew back together again. Picture it: the first time young Larry meets young Jerry Seinfeld, or young Richard Lewis and young Larry getting stoned, or young Kenny Kramer and young Larry getting drunk and chasing skirts. The possibilities are endless. Now stretch your imagination as far as the universe does and picture Larry without a few lucky breaks: Down, out, and homeless - but still the same old Larry we have come to love.



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Who Would Make the Best Young Larry David?

Young Larry DavidYoung Larry David 1978

Seth Rogen - his ridiculous talent, crazy Jew fro and age make him a match made in heaven to play young Larry. Then again, he's The Green Hornet.

Ben Gleib - He doesn't have the acting resume or liver health of most of the other candidates, but he's very funny and could also pull off a mean Jew fro.

Rooney Mara
- after watching Cate Blanchett rock it as Bob Dylan, the world was convinced that women can play men on film.

Shia Labeouf
- he very well may be the best overall fit, especially after seeing him expertly squeeze into those tight pants in Wall Street Two.

Kenan Thompson - Robert Downey Jr. was hilarious pretending to be black in Tropic Thunder, so why can't Kenan Thompson pretend to be skinny in The Larry David Story?

Jonah Hill - also rocks a mean Jew fro and can probably relate to being terrible with girls like young Larry.

John Cho - he's a great actor and has always fantasized about playing a neurtoic young Jew.

Jason Schwartzman - his nose might be too small for the role. Seriously, he might make a better young Jerry Seinfeld, but his talent puts him up for the role.

Sacha Baron Cohen - he might make a better young Kramer, plus rewrites would be necessary to accomodate his penis' ego. Ever since Bruno it's ooc.

Jason Segel - as evidenced in Sarah Marshall, nobody has bigger balls than this guy.

Zac Efron - he's probably too good looking. Sorry Larry.

Mark Sanchez - ironically, given he's an NFL football player, he might be too effeminate for the role. And even more ironically because he follows Zac Efron on this list.

James Franco - with an Oscar nomination and the inside track on the award, is he the best actor among this group? Especially considering that slight lisp.

* This is an Equal Opportunity Project.